Integrated Campaign

Roles: Art Direction, Copywriting, Illustration, Design

How do you make Lyft stand out from competitors? By making it the go-to for getting the hell out of bad situations.


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Activation One

1) You find yourself in a situation you want to get out of.

2) You use your phone or smartwatch to quickly send a distress signal to Lyft through the app. Tap image to play UI demo.

3) Someone from Lyft calls to help bail you out of your situation.

4) Lyft sends a sports car to your location and gets you home fast.

Activation Two

For more critical emergencies in major cities, people can use their mobile device’s SOS mode to get a Lyft to the closest hospital from their current location. After all cab services have a faster response time than an average ambulance. Tap image to play UI demo.


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