Roles: Art Direction, Copywriting, Video Editing, Post Production

Overstocked inventory kills

In the retail world, the fashion industry relies heavily on consumer demand. Fashion retailers have to guess on what to stock as trends change each season. Fast fashion companies like Zara have it even harder. Zara stores have to decide what clothes to stock, design and produce at a biweekly rate. If they infer wrong, they are forced to mark down inventory, resulting in lost profit.

Helping to stop oversupply at the storefront

By using the Zara app, anyone can choose what clothes they’d like to see on display in front of Zara. They can dress up and change virtual holographic mannequins in front of each major store in real-time. Data gathered from these customers through the app is used to help keep each individual Zara’s store stocked adequately.

How it works

1) The customer scans the mannequin’s virtual QR code with their smartphone.

2) The person is directed to the Zara app or prompted to download it and the mannequin is detected.

3) The customer selects the new clothes and/or the new model. 

4) Data is sent to Zara and used to help stock that store.

The technology

1. Animation of Zara model is projected on to the reflective surface.

2. Image reflected onto the transparent screen, which is angled such that the viewer sees the model but not the foil.

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