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Roles: Art Direction, Copywriting, Video Editing, Post Production

Why I got the tattoo

A creative director from R/GA sent my portfolio to the New York office. The internal recruitment team reached out to me a couple of weeks later saying they would like to move forward with me as a candidate. The next steps were to make a two-minute video talking about who I was. With the five days given, the video below is what was created and submitted. See the video below.

Rebranding myself on social

I took to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Linkedin to post pictures of me with the tattoo. I got my girlfriend to post pictures of us together. My friends and family thought I had lost my mind. My grandfather asked what I was smoking.

The press talked

Not only did I submit the video to R/GA, but I also reached out to numerous journalists and editors. They picked it up, and it wasn’t long before I was in Adweek and Adage. Angie Hannam, EVP and Global Chief Talent Officer at R/GA, even made a quote. Swipe below to see all the articles.

Social media talked

The industry talked, shared and made memes. Some people were impressed, some people laughed, some people were fooled, and some people flat out hated my guts.

Below are a couple of the podcasts that talked about me. Click to play them.

R/GA talked

Every R/GA office talked, especially through Slack. Clark Chapin, R/GA’s Executive Creative Director Social Content, responded through the agencies twitter account as well.

An interview and an internship

I went in for the job interview with the tattoo on my head. A couple of weeks went by and out of the 3000 applicants that applied; I got a job.

Follow up press

Adweek reached out to me. They asked if I wanted to officially state that the tattoo was fake through a Q&A article. Shortly after, Business Insider reached out. R/GA shared the articles through social.

The annual summer party

I caught the attention of huge names at R/GA, including Bob Greenberg, Sean Lyons, Robin Forbes, Allison Mertzman, Chapin Clark and Angie Hannam. During a NYC office meeting right before R/GA’s annual summer party, Robin Forbes thanked me on behalf of the company. Temporary tattoos were handed out at the party and were a huge hit.
See the video below.

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